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Yù Zhòu is a Chinese word that means universal, universal, etymologically speaking means "belongs to all for anything." Yù Zhòu ® Shiatsu in the treatment there are no limits, unnecessary maneuvers are excluded, especially those that compete with other categories of operatori. Always treated all the meridians, whether whole body or part of it (zonal Shiatsu). In Shiatsu treatments .. Yù Zhòu ® you learn to hone pressures and listening to them, no matter the amount of work done, as it should be all right for Shiatsu treatments, but the quality and the pressure gradually. . . . Shiatsu treatments with Yù Zhòu ® is an input, an imprint, the dams are opened and everything goes, you start being aware of your body feeling it in all its parts, you feel the tension, knots, laces and interior listening, you let the body naturally. It feels once you hear what I need and does it. . . Each of us is like a field to cultivate, as the body is the ground of this field depends on us how we want to feed him. Shiatsu thus becomes a means to reach all parts of our body through a natural breathing rhythm that belongs to us and is unique. It 'a gimmick.

When everything goes inside our body, it creates harmony. The disease is disharmony. Through touch,
respecting the barriers of resistance, the body creates regenerative processes.

Learning is experience, everything else is just information. (Albert Einstein)

Some of the many testimonials:

Paola 43 years

I thought the Shiatsu treatments were painful. During the Shiatsu treatments Yù Zhòu Instead I relax enough to fall asleep. Then I feel my body more flexible, more in touch with myself.

Elizabeth 49 years

I had operated on the foot because I could not walk, I was diagnosed with Morton's disease.
After receiving a few treatments with Susanna I heard a great benefit to my feet.
I also learned to make me self-shiatsu foot.
I have never been made, now it's been two years and I'm fine.

Mario 68 years

It is important that you hear my breathing. Now, after a series of treatments Shiatsu Yu Zhou immediately feel when I hold my breath doing apnea. I have more awareness to my breath.

John 35 years

I felt more relaxed now. Doing Shiatsu helps me to feel my whole body, if my jaw is tight and his hands clenched into fists warn him immediately so aggiustandomi remedy and relieves tensions. He is now natural to stretch, because I feel it is my responsibility, my well-being.

Rossella 32 years

It makes me feel good to hear me to feel my body. I feel that I do well the pressures that I receive during treatment Shiatsu Yu Zhou. Even after the ankle sprain has healed quickly, deflating after a week. They were often swollen, they are now both without edema.

Isabella 58 years

For the first time I truly relaxed.
Shiatsu treatments Yù Zhòu feel that awaken my whole body portandone benefit. The headaches are gone, now I listen to the messages of my body is very aware I have learned to listen to my needs and limitations.

Annalisa 62 years

The pains have disappeared at the hands for arthritis diagnosed, and then the pain in my knees since I have narrowed Shiatsu, also suffered from ringing in right ear, which disappeared from early treatment.
I have infinite gratitude.

Roberto 67 years

Osteoarthritis at the base of the thumb, rizoartrosi. Tried everything to no avail. After a series of treatments Shiatsu Yu Zhou particular zone have avoided the operation with excellent results on the movement of the thumb and I have no more pain.

Cynthia 39 years

And 'the evil that had disappeared for years at my neck, I was subject to stiff neck since I was 17 years. Only with Shiatsu and exercises that taught me Susanna manage well enough to feel my body in shape without abuse of anti-inflammatory.

Giusy 56 years

I learned to lie down naturally. Before doing Shiatsu did not even have feet. I never thought at my feet. I'm learning to feel when I'm pulling the rope, so I stop to listen more. I feel it's a job that will last my whole life.

Ariadne 59 years

Shiatsu is a treatment that has awakened my awareness. I feel that makes me feel good about myself, learning to reach out more and a little 'more every day, even doing shiatsu. I am present in my body, I feel less stuck.

Elizabeth 63

I suffered from constipation. Shiatsu treatments with Yù Zhòu I learned how to handle me my bowels without laxatives. I also now self-shiatsu abdomen almost every day.

Paul 65 years

Just went the shoulder pain. For 10 years I had to take many medications.
With Shiatsu treatments I learned to breathe, to hear the messages of my body.
This makes me think to choose the right thing for me.

Riccardo 24 years

Relaxes me a lot, now I'm more relaxed when I play football. E'educativo learn to listen to your body. With Shiatsu you connect with your body. I find it very important in my daily life.

Antonia 65 years

I feel it is beneficial. I came back healthy smell by following the recommendations of Susanna.
Listening to decipher most of the messages my body sends me.
It is not easy, Shiatsu treatments help me to feel where there is most need of attention.
I learned to make every day a little shiatsu '.

Maria 62 years

I lived for years with pain in the legs. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia widespread.
Now the pain is gone in the legs and feet. Shiatsu I feel that with more benefit.
Now I take better care of myself even with the power. Definitely I feel less tired, now my ankles are deflated.

Fabrizio 59 years

I learned to relax in a natural way. Now I can even sleep. I was diagnosed with early multiple sclerosis, with Shiatsu treatments I feel that I'm better.

Antoinette 55 years

The headaches have decreased since I Shiatsu treatments. My neck and my shoulder does not make me more harm, I feel more free in all the joints. Elbows and knees drier. I feel that I must continue periodically to listen to my body.

Giuliana 84 years

I could not walk by foot pain at night and woke up with the pains in left foot. With Shiatsu treatments I developed greater awareness of the position of my toes, even while walking. The cramps are gone by balancing the food. After a series of treatments, my pain disappeared and the dense night. I reduced the sugar, and I try to always taste the food.

Stefania 52 years

After receiving treatment Shiatsu Yu Zhou was able to see the pain in the thumb of the right hand was gone. I heard that the energy was blocked in the gut and with the advice I received improved my diet while enjoying all that swallow most of it is also a question of creativity to feel good about themselves. I also learned to breathe properly with greater awareness.

Franco 57 years

The operated knee pain disappeared after the first 2 Shiatsu treatments.
When I go skiing are consciously more flexible and loose. My abdomen is not tense.

Natalia 38 years

Dry eyes, dry eyes resolved with Shiatsu, shiatsu and choice of food.

Mark 59 years

Parkinson, shiatsu zone of the upper and lower limbs that makes me feel good.

Elena 42 years

The pain in the wrist tendinitis I got around them receiving shiatsu treatments.

Josephine 49 years

The coxalgia caused me pain in the hip, receiving Shiatsu treatments with Susan, I feel better. I have even less swollen knees and ankles. I also learned to do the stretching exercises before you get out of bed.

Mario 62 years

Periarthritis of the shoulder has improved, the first of Shiatsu treatments caused me pain when I moved and I had the feeling of frozen shoulder. Now the movement is broader with no hassles. The fasciitis in right foot causes me no more trouble, since the second treatment I felt an improvement.

Patrizia 62 years

Doing Shiatsu treatments to the lumbar and sacral pain I have less. I have a stenosis of the lumbar sacral, now do not hurt me anymore. I feel more free in his movements. Even my breathing is harmonizing. I learned to feel my whole body.

Christine 60 years

Since doing Shiatsu with Susanna and the side pain also disappeared. I was diagnosed with back pain. I learned to do stretching every morning before getting out of bed when I wake up, when I do I'm fine all day.

Valentina 29 years

Shiatsu treatments to be when I get when I play volleyball I feel more free in his movements. Now feel my body stretching course. The right shoulder pains have disappeared. They are more present in my movements, I feel more flexible, taking advantage of listening to my breath.

Antonio 63 years

I was glued, aching shoulders, hips, feet. I could barely walk.
Taking regular Shiatsu with Susanna improved my posture and I feel more fit.
I learned to take care of my diet by choosing foods that my body tells me. I find this very interesting and beneficial. I strengthened my feet and I felt pain disappeared. I have no desire to move to fresh air.

Maria 58 years

The burning of the tongue are missing from when I took my first Shiatsu treatment with Susanna. Even the pain caused dall'ernia between L4 L5 disappeared.
I feel much better, the annoying burning to the language for burning mouth syndrome have disappeared. For a long time I was not able to find the solution. What matters now is the choice of food I eat. Thanks Susanna

Giuliana 60 years

I was diagnosed with a trocleite has long lived with the pain in the elbow. Since doing Shiatsu treatments have improved the situation.

Joan 55 years

There are fewer attacks of psoriasis with Shiatsu treatments. I'm learning to choose the right foods for my body day by day. I thank Susan for all her advice that I teach more enriching to listen to my health.

Paul 36 years

I quickly recovered the use of the leg after fracture by Shiatsu treatments every day for a week.

Lisa 31 years

Chronic colitis is gone with the Shiatsu treatments Yu Zhou receiving them periodically suffer more from constipation. The hiatal hernia is the most annoying.

Marisa 68 years

I was diagnosed with restless legs syndrome, a disease characterized by the need to move my legs even at rest. Shiatsu treatments I received from Susanna brought great benefits, including avoiding certain foods, now my legs are relaxed even when I sleep.

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